Saturday, September 25, 2010

[024] Miscalculations, Owl Films, Owl Toys, Iced Coffee and Electronics

I'm a huge jerk at counting apparently. My blog told me I had 25 posts, but only 23 were live. Two empty drafts were saved and I didn't realize it. Woops! So my post numbers were off. No worries! I fixed them.

Welcome to post number 024.

Today's recap:

PeeBs and Jells for a light lunch.

Shawno ate a hot dog to hold him over til we went to the mall.

Burger King Kids Meal (strictly for the Legends of the Guardians toy!)
-Cheeseburger (Shawno ate it, my treat.)
-Fries for me
-Root beer (we shared it, awww)
-Eglantine toy for me!
Shawno had a slice of pizza.

Legends of the Guardians movie @ 1:40pm. (My treat!)

Shawno bought a new keyboard with his rebate from his phone.
(This means I am now using his Razer keyboard and mouse. My nerd level just jumped up a ton. I was previously using the Dell keyboard that came with my computer back in 2007 and a wireless Microsoft mouse that I bought only because it was green. UPGRADE)

Large iced coffees made by some Dunkin Donuts workers who are real gems.

Came home from the mall to set up keyboards and install drivers.
While installing the drivers for the Razer Mamba mouse I am now currently using, I had to do everything by keyboard. This brought a few chuckles. It reminded me of people who think their "computer isn't working" because their mouse isn't moving. Good times. I'm sure some of you are having a good laugh yourself.

Anyway. Date Night came in the mail today. Pretty excited. About to sit down to some cheese pizza and sweet potato fries with my Juice.

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