Kumusta! (Hello!) I'm Jasmine. A 26 year old (Mississippi born) Texan. A vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) since August 1st, 2010 and a long-time blogger. Being a vegetarian has its ups and downs but I am immensely enjoying exploring new foods and recipes.

What is Vegging for Health about?: My blog started out as a place for me to share my experiences and thoughts through vegetarianism. While being a vegetarian is great and all, I do have more to talk about than just that. Sharing and discussing veg friendly recipes. Personal posts about my family and how much I love them. *awww* I'd really like to share more of my crafts and collections as well as a weekly post of what I've been wearing (especially now that I work for a company that allows me to dress cute).

Why vegetarian?: My reasons are simple. I am curious to see if a meat-free diet decreases my eczema breakouts, and I love vegetables! As a child I would often be the last one at the table, unable to finish those last few bites of steak or pork chops. Even as I grew up, I would opt for the smallest piece of steak or chicken. My mom often tells me I would opt for poultry over red meat as a child. That's probably why she thinks I still eat chicken...
"I put chicken and shrimp in the fried rice for you. You don't eat chicken? What you eat then?"
 If you didn't read that with a Filipino accent, you must go back and reread it. Haha!

My ethnic background: I'm Chinese-Filipino, Welsh, Irish, Cherokee, Choctaw, and French. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I love every bit of what makes ME. I hope to one day fluently speak Tagalog (Filipino) and maybe French. Then those two years of French class  in high school won't be a waste!

My interests: I enjoy art and doing crafts of all sorts. Photography, scrap books, painting, fabric crafts, drawing and sketching. Throughout my school years, art classes and projects that allowed me to express myself creatively were my absolute favorite. Nowadays I apply that creativity in handmade gifts, paintings, and decorating my living space.

Questions? Please feel free to ask me anything! It can be vegetarian related, personal, or just sharing a recipe you'd like me to post. If you run your own blog or website, I'd be more than happy to link back to it with whatever it is you'd like me to share with my readers.

Happy vegging!
-Jasmine Marie


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