Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[127] "Your Hand In Mine"

Where have I been?

March 25 - 30: I spent the entire week helping my sister move into her new home. This included loading up the F250 and a small utility trailer, and towing it from one side of town to the other. Cleaned out my old bedroom (which hasn't been occupied in quite some time, and slowly turned into a storage space). It was pretty hard work. I found myself loading up my car (or dad's truck) and hauling things off to our family storage unit. By the time I was done, a room (you could barely walk into) was left with only a dresser, a nightstand, and a twin size bed. Pulled my futon mattress out of storage to serve as a guest bed for my friend, Debbie, whom I picked up from the airport late Friday night in DFW. Reunited after 3 years!
March 31 - April 6: Celebrated my 26th birthday on the night of the 31st. Most eventful evening. We partied pretty hard, while also being responsible. A very immature guy nearly ruined my night, but my friends completely saved my birthday celebration. I can't thank them enough for being there for me. Woke up on the morning of my birthday and drove myself to church. Sure I was hungover and everyone giggled at me because they've been there before, but it was worth it. Deb and I bought new sunglasses later that evening, as well as a 4 track soundtrack to Beauty & the Beast. You better believe we blasted this CD as we drove down one of the main roads through my town. Worth it! Ended the night with birthday beers from my girl, Mackenzey. Had a glorious rest of the week, going on walks, showing Deb the country side of where I live, and eventually went for a short hike in Oklahoma at the Wichita Mountains.

April 15: Made a last minute trip to Austin! My sister went to a hair show for her work, and her fiancee tagged along so they could celebrate his birthday 6th street style. They convinced me to come down to hit 6th street before they had to come back on Monday. Best decision! I had a blast going to Coyote Ugly and Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. Monday morning we visited the Texas State Capitol (my first visit!).
April 19 - 23: Spent 24 hours driving to Mesa, Arizona for a wedding. Reunited with two girls I haven't seen in 4 years! Had a blast! Met some new people and absolutely loved being in the area. Reunited with another friend I hadn't seen in 6 years! Had an amazing time catching up over dinner and some ridiculously strong alcoholic beverages. Cut ourselves off early (with a little help from our waitress). I was pretty bummed to have to go back to Texas. Arizona really had me smiling.

May 1: Welcome to May! This year really is flying by. Having a good month so far. I've made a few delicious dishes I've been meaning to share photos of. I'll get on that soon. Summer is creeping up and the school year is almost over. I'm on the job hunt and it's tough. Wish me luck!

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