Friday, July 16, 2010

[003] Hitting the road with PB&J's

I'm hitting the road!

Shawno and I are making a twelve hour drive to Claytor Lake State Park in Dublin, VA. Here's the fun part; we're taking his car. Not fun enough? It's a Honda Civic. Still not fun? It's a standard. There's the fun! As my family and close friends know, I drive an automatic. (A Pontiac Grand AM to be exact.) But Shawnson has been taking me out to gain skill in the world of manual shifting.

What does this have to do with vegetarianism? Nothing really.

Since we are leaving within the hour of him getting home from work (6:00p-7:00p EST), I don't have time to make dinner. Peanut butter and jellies will suffice! And for all you non-vegs out there, I made ground beef lumpia with carrots and celery in them. Yummm!

Anyway. This is me letting you, the reader, know that I will not be at my computer until Sunday night. I'm going to try this whole posting by text message thing. (I didn't have the battery life to try to post. Boooo.)

Ms. Young, signing off. See yaaaaa!

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