Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[005] Sweet Baby Ray's and Kittens

Yesterday's grocery shopping went way more smooth than I thought it would.

We walked in and I went straight for the produce. Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini squash, carrots, and I picked up a bag of frozen okra. Pretty sure those veggies are going to end up in some sort of stir fry or just plain grilled.

I picked up a bottle of that Sweet Baby Ray's Raspberry Chipotle someone recommended. I'm not a fan of spice, but I'm willing to try things out. I'll be putting a little bit of that on my sweet potatoes.

In other news, one of the apartment cats had four kittens recently. I first saw them down by the tennis courts playing one late afternoon while Shawno and I were reloading our laundry card at the leasing center. Turns out, they live right outside our building. I named their mom, Ursula, because she gave me a mean look when she was feeding her kittens. Moely is the gray tiger stipped one. Carl Winslow is the all black kitten. There are two that are black and white, one has more white on his face. I think we named that one Danny Tanner, and the other one is Kevin.

Well, Moely, Danny, and Carl were hanging out outside my patio yesterday afternoon. Moely and Danny decided it would be a good idea to jump down into my patio and play around. (Our apartment is half underground.) Then they got stuck, haha. The walls were too high for them. I didn't have anything for them to climb to get out. So basically I scared the hell out of them so they could get themselves to jump out. And really, all I did was open the door slightly. They ended up coming back and layed under the bush outside the patio. And again after we came home from grocery shopping.

Shawno said two kittens were trying to climb the tree outside our spare bedroom, and one was tight-rope-walking the window sill outside the bedroom. Haha, cute kittens. I wish they would entertain me all day with their shananigans.

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