Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[032] Christmas is coming

Christmas is Saturday. I'm excited! I'll be celebrating at my apartment, with Shawno. :D Later that day we'll join his Mom and family. I'm a little bummed I won't be seeing my own family this year, but it's understandable. Why?

BECAUSE I'M FLYING HOME ON JANUARY 22ND!!! It's official. I've scheduled my (free) round-trip flight for January 22 - February 5. Two weeks in Wichita Falls, Texas to visit the family. My sister's baby shower is January 29th, so I'm planning on helping her sort through the items she receives while also setting up the nursery.

In addition to this fun post about Christmas and family, I'd like to start listing what sort of New Years goals I'd like to achieve.

-eliminate soda from my diet
-possible career change (Working at my current place of employment is super, but I'd rather have a job outside of retail.)
-keep a weekly journal
-craft (scrapbook, paint, drawing, etc) on a regular basis

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