Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[033] This may be a little late...

Happy New Year! ...10 days ago.

I haven't been giving this blog much love as of late. I'm currently keeping up with my blog on Tumblr. So far I've been able to keep up with daily posts both in my tumblr blog and my journal (which I write out directly after writing my tumblr). I'm liking it so far. Typing out my day then writing it out afterward. If I forget any detail, I add it right into my journal. By the way, cutest journal ever.
Owl Journal
Along with the owl journal I also received:
Sticky Notes: adorable sticky notes in a convenient notebook.
Owl To-Do List: I love my to-do lists! This helps out a bunch when I'm doing chores or running errands. :D
Owl Recipe Cards: I've been wanting to start keeping recipe cards but I never wanted to put my own money into it. I've been keeping recipe's in a notebook, but these little cards are so much more awesome!
(HUGE thanks to Katie and Jammer for giving these to me at Christmas :D Love you guys!)

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