Thursday, November 3, 2011

[112] Footsteps in the ceiling

Everyone's watching American Horror Story. I saw about half of an episode and walked away. Not because it is scary but because I'm not really interested in this show right now.

Although, I would rather live downstairs from a haunted apartment than have to listen to the kid upstairs, stomping his feet all around the apartment. Seriously. Just stop.

I recently took some herbal supplements which left me with less than desirable side effects. Evening primrose oil makes me itch like crazy. The opposite of what I was hoping for, as I was taking it to help clear my eczema. The good news is, I read that omega3 and zinc deficiencies are possibly the reasoning behind my intense breakouts over the last few months. After reading and seriously thinking about it, this does make sense to me. So I picked up some supplements at my local CVS. Luckily for me, they were running a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on some of the things I was looking for. So I picked up some acai as well. Hoping for good results and keeping a positive attitude about it. :]

Don't forget, I have extended the My Memories giveaway!

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