Sunday, December 25, 2011

[118] Resolutions to the New Year

As the holiday season starts to wind down, so does my busy work schedule. While that isn't exactly good news for my wallet/bank, I'll be glad to have a little more down time in between work days. Of course, I wouldn't mind keeping my ~30 hour work week as it is, but that's not likely to happen. ;]

I'm still in search of New Year's resolutions! For 2011 I gave up carbonated beverages which proved to be quite a challenge at the beginning of the year. As the year went on, it became easier with the passing months. Water, juices, teas, coffee, and beer. ;] (This lady loves her beer.) If you've been following me throughout the year across my blogs, Twitter, or Facebook, you know that I have lost 30 pounds over these last 12 months. Giving up soda definitely played a huge role in this goal I have set for myself (which is targeted for March 25, 2012).

So here I sit. In search of a New Year's resolution that will, once again, test my level of self-discipline. The question is; what resolution should I set for myself in 2012?

Some of you may remember the monogrammed mason jars I started making earlier this year. Well the time has finally come to give them to those persons they were made for. I just sent 3 off to my family in Texas, hand delivered 2 to my family in Rhode Island, and I have 5 left to hand out.

A couple weeks before Christmas, I finally stopped in AC Moore to pick up supplies for my holiday center piece. While I was in the store I came upon some wreaths. I've had this bag of yarn that I originally planned on making scarfs and pot holders with, but I have been lacking motivation. So I decided to try making my first yarn wreath. It's still a work in progress! Here's a little preview of what I have done.

Still working on the felt flowers. Somewhere over the past week, I found some time to make my gingerbread house. This was a kit that came with 1/2 a pound of a variety of Wonka candy. (Also, this is the 2nd gingerbread house I have ever made in my 25 years of life. I'm so proud!)

So I have a few crafts I need to finish before the year is up. Luckily, I have a couple days off in the coming week in which I plan on devoting to finishing this wreath.

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  1. We have the pop thing in common I'm also trying to stop drinking carbonated drinks especially diet drinks. Deliciously Happy



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