Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[037] Less than a week

Getting there! 6 more days until my 1 year anniversary of taking on an (ovo-lacto) vegetarian diet.

Redesigning my blog has had its ups and downs. Creating a new header image hasn't been as easy as it was the first time around. I've simply hit a dead end in the creativity department. I'm sure it will come to be soon.

During the past year I've tried products that are new to me and I'm hoping to get a few reviews written. Hopefully that will help some vegetarians (new and old) in deciding if a product is right for them.

In addition to veg talk, I plan on just simply sharing my thoughts on things outside of vegetarianism. Girly things. Boyish things. Gamer things. Hipster things. Non-hipster things. Things I wish were hip. Owl things (I'm obsessed). All sorts of things, really.

I've even considered doing a vlog post from time to time as well. Once I start talking to my camera, the shyness starts to wear off. Strange because I'm really just talking to myself while I vlog. Just knowing that some stranger is about to view it is what makes the shy part of me come out. Together, we can overcome this obstacle!

Enough rambling. Enjoy this new layout. Reviews on products coming soon!

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