Thursday, July 28, 2011

[039] Blogs I've recently began to read

This post isn't vegetarian related. I do hope you enjoy it. :]

When I'm out and about, whether I'm shopping or working, I always try to guess the ethnic background of anybody that looks Asian. It's sort of like a game for me. Kind of like the ABC game or the license plate game on road trips. My guesses are often right on the dot, but I am wrong sometimes.

As I was reading through the blogs I follow, I came across an interesting blog. Sometimes Sweet has had guest posts by some interesting bloggers. Today's post is by Kristine at Kristine. or Polly. Her blog is about personal style but today she shared about where she lives. That's what caught my attention... Japan. As I was reading through her latest posts I thought to myself, this girl is not Japanese. At least not entirely. As a half Filipino half white, I kept in mind it's possible she's mixed like me. I scrolled through more pictures and thought, this girl has to be some sort of Filipino.

I clicked on her About page and sure enough, she's Filipino. She's absolutely beautiful, in case you haven't checked her blog yet. She's real petite and has a great sense of fashion. If I had the same figure I would definitely wear the same things she's wearing.

By the way, those are two great blogs that I've linked to. I'm still new to Sometimes Sweet but I'm loving all the posts I've read so far.

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