Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[129] Comfy Cozy In My Little Space

Pardon the webcam photo. I was feeling rather lazy and avoided digging out my camera from the bedside drawer.
Some of you may remember that I recently (okay, 5 months ago) moved back to Texas, and into my parents house. I slept on a couch for about 2 months before I had my old room cleaned out and back to a functional bedroom again. From the first week of April until last week, I had been sleeping on the most uncomfortable firm twin size bed I have ever slept on. All the while, my 80 lb sister had been sleeping on this queen size bed with a fluffy pillow top (pictured above). 170 lb adult sleeping on a twin vs an 80 lb teen sleeping on a queen. I thought there was something very wrong with that... so I finally did something about it.
Things are coming together rather nicely. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with my living space and it's starting to resemble a mini-version of my old apartment.
In other news, I've been brainstorming new names for VFH. I have been considering using my own name or one of my screen names as part of the title. Nothing has stuck out to me quite yet. A new color scheme and a complete makeover is also in order for VFH. My creativity flows better when I'm in my own space. I've had idea after idea floating around in my mind since I've sat down at the computer this morning. Taking notes here and there, doodling and writing things down. I just hope I can translate this into digital art to the best of my ability.

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