Monday, July 30, 2012

[133] Currently...

Destroying this Moby Dick cake... Nom nom nom!

Just kidding! I found this incredible cake on pinterest and sent it to my boyfriend for his birthday. E-cakes are better than no cake!

Loving: The latest pieces of clothing I have acquired for work. Wearing high-waisted skirts. Patterned and solid tights. Heels, wedges, sandals, and flats.

Reading: Trying to read Lonesome Dove, but I'm having difficulty finding the time to sit down and read.

Watching: Jane By Design, season 1 on Netflix.

Thinking About: How many boxes are in today's shipment and hoping work is slow enough to focus on processing boxes for 5 hours, followed by 2 hours of cleaning.

Anticipating: Payday!

Working on: Laundry. Social networking icons for VFH.

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