Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[150] A Week (more like two) In Review

On Labor Day, I rode up to DFW with my dad and baby sister. We were meeting up with my sister (and her little family) to pick up our mom from the airport. She's been in the Philippines for the last three months and was on her way home. We arrived at the airport an hour before her flight was scheduled to land. Three and a half hours later... we find out she had a 15 hour layover in Tokyo and wouldn't be in until Tuesday morning. I made the mistake of staying up ALL NIGHT LONG so I could nap to and from DFW. (Bad idea!) To cure all the crankiness, we stopped for lunch at Chili's before heading back to Wichita Falls.
Later in the week, a friend of mine sent me this with the message, "Quick! Before your mother finds you a zombie!" Hahaha! I'm about 102% sure I have found a non-serial killer. Success!

A cold front rolled in... rolled out... then rolled back in and brought some rain.

With the rain, came a few wrecks. As I was coming home from my parents house, I noticed a bunch of sheriff's were pulling onto my street. I took the other entrance to my street only to find this car parked in our driveway. After a few mumbles and grumbles I decided to carefully pull into my driveway (by jumping the curb).

While staring at the unfortunate accident of this Sheriff's vehicle (who happens to work with a friend of mine... small town!)... Mackenzey and I hear the impact of two vehicles. Unsure of what caused this particular wreck, I decided to go take a look. Their airbags had deployed and it was obvious their car was totaled. All we could do was look and think to ourselves, what sort of distraction caused this wreck? It's unfortunate that this happened on such a bad weather day, but it seems as if they made it out okay. Possibly a little upset at the situation but they're both alive.

Everything was cleared out before I had to be at work at 3pm, but it certainly is entertaining living on right off of a very busy street.

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