Saturday, October 1, 2011

[100] Thrift Store Pen Pals!

Yaaaaaaaay! *applause*
You may have read in post [096] that I was chosen as Woody's next Thrift Store Pen Pal. Well, I have received his package!

Close up of the Parcel Post stamp so nobody can see our addresses. :D
This package actually came in the mail yesterday while I was out, so a slip was left in our mail box. On our way out for breakfast, Shawno and I stopped by the leasing office to pick up this package of mystery. As I walked from the leasing office back to the car I began to inspect the bubble wrapped envelope. This envelope certainly traveled far (approximately 1500 miles) and it showed. Something lumpy and kind of heavy was inside... but I wouldn't open it until we come home from Dunkin Donuts.

As we're sitting down to enjoy our breakfast while watching Parks and Recreation On Demand, I'm constantly eyeing the package as it's sitting on the table. Part of me wanted to go the route of Nhya/Carrymel's post by making a video, but I chose to stick to photos.

What did I find inside my package?

I'd like you to meet...

Tex, the Tractor Trophy (In memory of my Kuya Tex, RIP.)
Having spent my teen years growing up in Texas, I'm glad to say that Woody's thrift store item is very fitting for me. :] I now live in Massachusetts and often find myself home sick for a little piece of Texas (or the south in general). Thanks Woody!

I was a little sad to find a piece of the tractor had broken off during shipping. Being a crafty little lady I had some glue on hand. (I couldn't find my super glue, but I did have some craft bonding glue that worked like a charm.)

Look at those sweet rims. You'll notice there's a slot for a card of some sort. I like to imagine there used to be some sort of commemorative plaque housed in this spot.

Fixed the tractor right up. :D

Rainy day? That doesn't get Tex down! He's enjoying the sun light shining in through the window.

This trophy has a really nice sturdy wooden base.

Tex is just hanging out, enjoying the bottom floor view of our parking lot. Wave to the kittens, Tex!

This is when Tex decided to meet the locals.

Tex and his pal, Longhorn Bruce. (A postcard I gave to my boyfriend while I was visiting family in Texas.)

Afterwards, Tex met my Lucky Cat Bank (L.C.B. for short).

I felt it was time for Tex to meet one of my own thrift store finds. The T.O.L.'s (Two Owls on a Log).

Holding Tex, the Tractor Trophy in my hands, accepting him into my home. The braids and plaid shirt were my attempt at looking as southern as possible... or maybe like a 5 year old.

Say goodnight to Mr. Tex. I rocked him to sleep as he had a long journey to my home.

I hope you enjoyed my photos and the little story along with it. If you're a blogger who is interested in a chance to become one of Woody's Thrift Store Pen Pals, just visit the link and read how you can join the fun!

Visit Woody's Blog:
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If you're wondering about my Kuya Tex, he and his wife, Ate Sita, often babysat me and my siblings as a child in Mississippi. I last saw them in 2005, just one week before Katrina hit. My Mom called me this afternoon to tell me the sad news of his passing. While my memory of him is somewhat blurry (as I was very very young when they babysat me), I do remember his sense of humor. He used to poke fun at me and my siblings to get us to laugh. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack and passed away on September 28th. I hope he rests in peace and that heaven welcomes him. Thoughts and prayers for his family during this rough time.


  1. This is awesome! I really didn't know what you would do with an extremely heavy tractor trophy, but I'm glad he got to meet his new roommates. He seems happier now :) I really like all the pics, too!

  2. I'm glad I could be part of your Thrift Store Pen Pal experience while also receiving this sweet find. I have planned to craft up something nice for you as a thank you gift. I'll let you know when to expect it! Can't wait to see who the next pen pal is and what they'll get!

  3. haha what a ridiculous item! :))) i, too, am a veg :) 11+ years and counting!

  4. Whew, 11 years is a long time. Oh goodness, your blog is so cute! I had to follow. :]

  5. Loving your Southern look ;)
    And what a fun review! Great job!



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