Thursday, October 6, 2011

[104] Giveaway via My Life As Liz Taylor!

You can enter to win an 86 pc cosmetic set from My Life As Liz Taylor!
"October is a special month, especially for us women. This is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. I believe in supporting this cause heavily. I am only speaking for myself when I say I love my boobies and I wish to keep them as happy and as healthy as I possibly can! I have personally witnessed the devastating effects that breast cancer has on women and their families. Thus I try to help in anyway I can. I work hard, have nice things in life, but the most gratifying part of it all is giving back and donating to causes I love."
Head over to Liz's blog to enter for your chance to win this cosmetic set!

In addition to the giveaway. For every new follow Liz gains through October 18th, she'll donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Awareness foundation!

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