Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[103] Adventures in Hair Dye

Last month, I bought a box of hair dye which I set aside to use after a much needed hair cut. That hair cut never happened, so I took matters into my own hands. I simply trimmed the tip of my hair to rid of some split ends. [If you're not comfortable or experienced in trimming your own hair DO NOT DO IT. I've been doing this method for years in between visits to a professional.]

Garnier's Herbashine Color Creme with bamboo extract, ammonia free.
#632 Light Warm Brown "An elegant light brown with warmth and shine."
Made for medium-light brown hair and it only takes 10 minutes.
 I use a brush to apply the creme to my roots first before working it into the rest of my hair.

This photo was taken in my bathroom under tungsten lights. A nice light brown with reddish tones.

Messy bangs in natural light pouring in through my bedroom window. Looks dark brown.

As the sun sets, light bounces off the apartment building across the parking lot outside my slider. This creates a reflection of yellow sun setting light bouncing off the tan siding on the apartment building.

I've been feeling incredibly positive lately. Every time I feel this way I giggle to myself. Why? My blood type is B+. Very fitting if you ask me. I try to be as positive as I possibly can be.


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