Monday, October 17, 2011

[108] Product Review: Kashi's Tuscan Veggie Bake

I recently tried Kashi's frozen entree, Tuscan Veggie Bake. During my last grocery trip, I walked through the freezer aisles and came across Kashi's selection of frozen entrees. I was interested in trying out on of their entrees, so I began skimming through the ingredients on each box before I chose their Tuscan Veggie Bake. It's vegan friendly and it was the only entree available (in my store) without meat in the ingredients.
"Yellow squash, roasted eggplant, red onion, and sweet potato. Zesty basil tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes served inside Kashi seven whole grain noodles."
 Growing up, I ate a lot of microwaved meals. Over the last 4 years I've dramatically reduced how often I use microwaves to cook anything. If there's a stove-top, oven, or toaster oven option, I'll take it.

The Tuscan veggie bake comes with two cooking methods: microwave (11 minutes total) and conventional oven (45 minutes total). I was starving and opted for the microwave cooking instructions. Upon opening the box, I was surprised at how big the veggie bake actually is. It's a pretty decent sized portion of food, but you'll have to decide for yourself if you need something on the side to fill you up.

I found the vegetables absolutely delicious, as well as the noodles. However, I did find this dish to be a little too spicy for my taste. To put it simply, I'm not a fan of spicy foods. If you're the type who enjoys any and all spicy foods, this just might be the meal for you. Since I am not vegan, I would probably put a dollop of sour cream on this if I choose to eat it again.

If you like spicy foods, this meal is for you.
If you're not a fan of spicy foods, don't even bother.

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  1. I love this meal...Kashi makes really good products :)



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