Thursday, September 15, 2011

[090] Questions?

Do you have a question you'd like to ask me? Please, feel free to ask! Maybe you want to know what my favorite vegetables are? My favorite color? My favorite color when I'm asleep? My favorite color when I'm driving? What kind of soup do I eat? Is my big toe shorter than my second toe?

I don't want to steal all the good ones, so just ask me!

Wondering if there's a limit to how many questions you can ask? Well there isn't. So grab some juice and granola, a pen and paper (or a tablet if you're fancy), sit down somewhere comfy, and start brain storming some questions. You're supposed to drink the juice and eat the granola. If you insist, you can craft your questions using all of those materials, but I don't recommend putting juice on a tablet.

On a side note... 

I was killing some time earlier today when I took a picture of my hair. It's looking mighty shiny in this picture. My natural hair color. :] I can't say the same for my tips. A wide range of oranges, browns, and reds which are suffering from too many chemicals and heat.

My side of the bed. I really need to upgrade to a black or grey bed skirt. That tan one is "blah". It's too bad I couldn't find the purple sheets I wanted. Maybe during the winter?

Oh and no big deal, but... I opened my Etsy shop!!!

Browse and share my link. <3

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