Thursday, September 1, 2011

[078] Sunday (Part II): Irene's Aftermath

Be sure to read "Sunday (Part I): Irene Arrives"

After Shawno finished saving our apartment, we relaxed in the bedroom. I read a chapter from my book while Shawno cooled off from working hard on the patio. I had the window wide open to let the breeze roll in. Our apartment hasn't been this cool all summer long and we were both loving it.

As the rain started to clear, the birds came out to play. Shawno was sneaky and got this blurry picture of them, haha.
I brought Shawno's desk chair into the living room so I could have a comfy reclining chair to sit in as I read Awakened.
I pulled out my fish-eye lens and snapped a few shots. It was such a peaceful afternoon.



A short video of the wind blowing the trees.

That middle tree leaning against the trees to the right... we were certain this tree was going to come crashing down.

We don't usually sit on the side of the building as our apartment is on the opposite side, but we made and exception for a potential disaster. Aren't we nice?
2:05PM (This photo does zero justice for the 21 lbs I've lost.
I should stop hunching over when I sit.)
We ate Fettuccine Alfredo Tuna Helper for dinner. Having a gas stove certainly came in handy. Dinner by candle light as we slowly ended our night.
After dinner, we both stretched out on the couches and entertained ourselves with handheld games. As Shawno went out to his car for a third round to charge his phone, I headed to bed to read Awakened by flashlight. LED flashlight, so you know it was super bright! Shawno came to bed and I put my book down but we both knew we weren't ready to fall asleep just yet. We entertained each other with jokes, dry humor, hilarious bathroom work stories, and one round of I-Spy (which he totally won).

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