Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[093] Jenny Made Lea's Dolmades

You might remember Jenny from Vegging for Health's very first interview. She's a recent pescatarian who enjoys trying new recipes (read her review on Sinigang Sa Sampalok, a soup made from tamarind root).

She posted on my Facebook wall:
"I made Lea's dolmades recipe tonight and wow.... Yum! Even Scott liked them. Carnivores can like vegetarian food! :) You are my source for tasty veggie cuisine :)"
Here's a picture of Jenny's dolmades:
Looks delicious!

Trying a recipe featured on Vegging for Health? Feel free to send me a photo and I'll feature it here! You can email your photo to veggingforhealth@gmail.com with the subject line "Recipe Photo Submission".

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