Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[077] Sunday (Part I): Irene Arrives

At 9AM I woke to the wind blowing leaves all around the parking lot. The power came and went as I was watching the news coverage on Irene. Then shortly before 9:30AM...
Nothing too serious outside. Just rain and leaves scattered everywhere.

9:28AM (My car is surviving!)
 Around 9:50AM, we really started getting hit with heavy rain. I ditched my camera phone as soon as the rain really started to pour, but I didn't want to over-do it with the pictures and fill up my memory card too fast. (I tend to do that at the worst time.)
9:52AM (view from slider, looking right)
 You can see the water pooling just outside of our patio wall.
9:52AM (view from slider, looking left)

9:53AM (view from the window in the computer room)

9:54AM (view from bedroom window, looking straight)

9:54AM (view from left side of bedroom window, looking right)
Shortly after I finished taking pictures, Shawno yelled for me to help him with the patio as the water wasn't draining fast enough and the water level was rising. We have a fairly small patio so I knew this was going to be a one man job. Shawno immediately grabbed our snow shovel as it was the best tool to use with how much water was in the patio.
He rushed to get as much water out as he could while holding the drain down with his foot (plastic drain covers float... who knew... ... ... yeah.) While it may seem lazy of me not to jump outside and join him, I stayed inside and ran to get anything he asked me to get. Anyway, he did an amazing job getting all the water out. He suffered a battle wound on his right index finger. And of course, we were out of band-aids, so I had to grab a tissue and apply pressure while he stood there in his wet clothes. Poor guy.
The water really came down on him while he was saving the day. Thankful he noticed the water level before it was too late! As the rain calmed down, his job was done. I had dry towels ready for him, a big tupperware bowl to hold his wet clothes, and dry clothes laid out on the bed for him to change into.

Read the rest of our "Irene" experience in Part II, tomorrow at 8AM EST.

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