Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[138] Garage/Yard Sale

If it weren't slightly embarrassing, I would share a photo of my bedroom's current state of mess. I have 3 different sized hampers overflowing with clothes, and two dressers with clothes in each drawer (although, not overflowing).

Ever since I lost all my weight, I have had piles of clothes that are just way too big for me. I'm the type of person who holds onto old clothes, regardless of if it has gone out of style. (I've never been one to care much about that.) If it fits well, why get rid of it? Right?! Well, now they just don't fit well... at all.

I have been considering putting (super low) prices on all the clothes I no longer wear and selling them off to anyone who would like to wear (or upcycle!) them. In fact, just today, I was talking with my co-worker about creating a Facebook page to serve as an online garage/yard/closet sale. She and I both are interested in selling clothes and accessories for low prices. (This way, we can both avoid sitting in the heat just to sell off these items. Genius!)

I picked up this adjustable rolling garment rack for $19.88 at my local Walmart. Pretty good price for what this rack offers. Adjustable bar as well as two storage shelves for shoes, etc.
The plan is to use this to hold all my sale items before I donate what is left over. Eventually, I'd like to use this as a home for whatever pieces of clothing I am wearing for the appropriate season.

To make room for this clothes rack, I'd like to get rid of my dresser (which is currently being used as a computer desk). When I switched out my twin bed for a queen bed, I lost quite a bit of space. Things are getting quite cramped, especially with my mess of clothes.

Hoping to get things cleaned up so I can setup my little garage/yard/closet sale.

Happy Wednesday!

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