Thursday, August 16, 2012

[142] Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday! For us Texans, that means tomorrow kicks off Tax Free Weekend. I'll be very busy going insane with shoe and accessory sales during the entire weekend. Luckily for me, I have Thursday off to rest and get ready for a very long weekend.

I absolutely love this print, which you can find here. About a month ago I picked up a memory box at Michael's craft store. It has an octopus sketch that stretches across the cover of the box, as well as octopus legs that wrap around the sides. Super cute!

I have been eyeing this lovely tea set for a good year or two now. This is definitely something I would love to have for morning or afternoon tea on the back porch in the middle of fall.

I love this "Diner-saurs Mug". In fact, I own it! I have yet to use it, but when I do, expect a few photos capturing the moment. (As well as two mugs I recently thrifted!)
Also available; a matching apron and tea towel!

More things to love:

These dotted tights!

These cute bow-tied pattern tights!

World map patterned wedges? Don't mind if I do!

A fan of Portlandia? Check out this Birdlandia Cardigan. They put a bird on it.

Have yourself a Swell Morning with this lovely mug!

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