Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[042] Happy August!

(Family post: Part I)
It is August and that means school is starting up soon. (While I am not a teacher nor a student, this means there will be less children accompanying their parents to my store.)

In a couple of weeks my sister, Krystal, is going to be a freshman at my Alma mater. Seven years after I graduated high school, my baby sister is starting 9th grade. Awww. :'] Last week, while she and my parents were on their way home from a two week vacation in Virginia, I called her up to ask if she needed a new backpack for the new school year. She sounded pretty neutral to the idea of a new backpack (even though I know she's stoked to see her friends at school and make new ones). It wasn't until I described this black and teal backpack that she truly became interested in what I had to say. "It's teal... or turquoise... some shade of blue-ish green and black. Yeah, it matches your glasses." She replied "Yeah, it sounds good. I guess." I bet if I offered her a teal and black backpack filled with Nintendo DSi's she'd be far more excited. Anyway. I bought her the backpack and picked up a lunch box for myself. (Current sale: Free lunch kit with the purchase of a backpack.) I mailed the backpack out on July 26th.
Source: toysrus.com
Source: toysrus.com

Fast forward to July 29th. I was at work when she called to tell me she received the package. When my sister calls, not only does she leave a voice message but she also pages my phone and sends me a text message. Was she trying to tell me something?? I fire up my voice mail. Punch in my super secret code and hit #. I thoroughly enjoy the way my sister talks when she is not taking her concerta. "Hey Jas! I got the package in the mail. The one you sent. But I'm not going to open it yet. I just wanted to let you know that I got it. The package. In the mail. I'll open it later. So... yeah. Call me later, when you can! So I'll talk to you later. Love you! Bye." That's not exactly word for word, but you get the idea. After work, I get on facebook to find a picture properly captioned with "thnx jasmine for my new backpack for me to you for school for when highschool yay!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it" Hahaha, makes me smile and giggle a little every time.

To recap: I'm a loving big sister to my little sister. I'm awesome. My little sister loves me. Also, I'm awesome and I like owls.

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