Friday, August 19, 2011

[062] Apartment Tour: Part I - The Bathroom

Putting my "deluxe super wide macro" lens to work. Here's the thing. The quality is terribly poor when used with my SLR and I have yet to purchase a digital SLR. So... a couple of months after I bought this lens I did a little experiment. Are you ready for this? I held the lens up to my digital camera (at the time it was a Canon PowerShot SD500) and presto, wide-ass-angled-shots.

Welcome to my bathroom. As you can see, not a whole lot of space to work with, so the decor is somewhat minimal: shower curtain, matching painting, decoration-only towels, bath mat/rug. There's a closet to the right of the shower where we keep our towels and any extra/spare toiletries, make-up, hair dryer/straightener, and iron.
Shower curtain: Target, "Tree House" $24.99 (Unfortunately they're out of stock but they do offer other curtains with owls!)
Painting: By me! I covered an old painting I no longer wanted with matching trees from the curtains design.
View from the door.
The extra mirror on the wall allows me to get up close for things like tweezing my eyebrows. With the big mirror above the sink I have a hard time getting close enough without almost falling onto the sink itself.
View from the shower.

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