Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[069] Apartment Tour: Part III - The Computer Room

Two desks. Two office chairs. Two computers. Four monitors. Yes, that's right. Four monitors.
View from closet.
My things are on the left side while Shawno's are on the right. A lot of the things we own mesh well together, but when it comes to decorating our own space, you can see where we differ.

What was originally a tiered desk complete with a built in CD rack...
Everything about this desk is awful.
Remove the top tier, CD rack, keyboard slide-out, CPU platform, and adjust the storage shelf. Voila! Transformed into a simple desk (with awkward metal bars extending up the sides).

View from desks/window.
The futon on the right is our official "guest bed", decorated with my Burkburnett Bulldogs throw blanket and three owl plush. Above the futon you'll find an original Untitled painting by Me. On the left, we have our Canon Pixma printer sitting on top of a mini-fridge. This is where we keep beer, soda, and (reused/refilled) water bottles. Above the printer, I have a New Moon poster (a birthday gift from my sister's friend) with another cutout mustache on Edward's face.

I like to keep our rooms theme-less, but we both like bamboo, wood, earthy and natural decorations in our apartment. We're simply not in the right living space for themes... yet.

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