Monday, August 8, 2011

[049] Interviews and Guest-Reviews

I'm on the hunt for vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians. I don't want their heads, I want their words! Before I get into it, I'm in need of more people for interviews! Tell your friends. Tell your family. Post it on bulletin boards across the nation! Just... get them in touch with me. Thanks!

A friend of mine recently changed her diet (for the better!) and this inspired me to start a series of interviews. Not only did she make a positive change in her diet, she also became interested in trying a certain dish I grew up eating. She'll be featured in the first interview. In addition, I've also for a "mini-review" of this dish she tried for the first time. When the post goes live, if you're familiar with the dish you'll know why I wanted a review. Haha.

Tomorrow will officially kick off the series. I hope you're all looking forward. I know I am!

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