Thursday, August 25, 2011

[071] Red Lipstick and Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Before my short work shift on Wednesday afternoon, I sat down and decided to get dolled up while I queued up some Buffy on Netflix. With roughly 45 minutes before I had to leave for work, I was really pushing it.

I started out with pink eye shadow, but by the time I got home from work my cheap eye shadow turned out looking... less than fabulous. As I waited for Shawno to come home I touched up my eye make-up and lipstick. There's something about wearing lipstick that really makes me feel happy, but then I sometimes worry that I've smeared it all over my face when I put my hands anywhere near my mouth.

Wednesday night was grocery night. I picked up a few extra shifts at work this week, so really it was our only night to go shopping before Hurricane Irene brings on the weather. We stopped at Wendy's to have dinner. I ordered a sour cream and chive baked potato and a large drink (I love the freestyle coke machine!) while Shawno ordered a baconator. As I was gathering straws and napkins, the girl who took my order informed me that they were out of baked potatoes and offered me value fries as a replacement. I stood there thinking to myself how is that equivalent to a baked potato?! even though they are both from the value menu. Left without other food options I took the value fries. Shawno kindly traded fries so I wouldn't sit there with a child sized fry and a large drink. Thanks Beardness!

I feared the lines at Wal-Mart were going to be outrageous, but it wasn't all bad (although a lot of products were already cleared off the shelves). As soon as we walked in, the lines were nearly into apparel, but there had to have been 10-15 registers open. Things were looking up! I had to make a quick trip to the scrapbook aisle for craft glue. I wasn't surprised that I couldn't find ZIG 2 way glue pens (seriously the best craft glue I've ever used) so I settled for Elmer's Craft Bond wet & dry dual tip glue pen.

Off to the grocery side of the store. We quickly tackled our list but it wasn't until we were inching towards the frozen foods section when I realized I forgot to pick up laundry and dishwasher detergent. I sent Shawno off on a mission to find his burgers and hot dogs while I quickly walked back to the household essentials. I knew exactly what I wanted for dishwasher detergent. Palmolive ECO+ Dishwasher Liquid Detergent in Citrus Apple Splash. It smells amazing and I like knowing that this detergent isn't as harmful to lakes and streams. As for the laundry detergent, I opted for Arm & Hammer in Clean Burst. I've used this kind of detergent at my parents house but I've never bought it for my own home. I hear it's great on your laundry, so I guess I'll find out!

Once we made it to the register, I kindly asked the girl not to bag our detergent bottles and milk. What a waste of a perfectly good plastic bag on one item. Sometimes I bring my reusable bags, especially since we just throw away our plastic bags when we get home, but you should see the looks these workers give me when I hand them my bags. I personally prefer having customers who bring their own reusable bags or decide to go bag-less. When it comes to putting bagged groceries in my cart, I don't like it when other people pile all my bags on top of one another. This usually results in something being smashed, like bread or vegetables. Even Shawno knows, I'm pretty particular with how I fill the grocery cart. While we're shopping, I have to make sure things are stacked correctly. On the way out to the car, if the weight of the bags looks slightly too heavy, I'll stop right where I am and fix said bags. I'm just a huge pain in the tail when it comes to grocery shopping, haha. Blame my mother. I totally inherited all my grocery shopping habits from her. :D

We live on the ground floor of our apartment building. So when we end up buying large boxes or bottles on a grocery trip, we just put them down in our patio so we can load up our arms with the rest of our grocery bags. I like that our apartment building requires you to have a key to the outer doors as well as a key to your own apartment. It gives me a greater sense of security in where I live. I placed some of our heavier bags of groceries in our patio and joked "Hurry, we have to get inside before ShawnoCat drinks all the milk!"

ShawnoCat is our neighborhood king of the feral cats. He truly runs this place. Pardon the terrible quality photos, he never gives me an easy shot. (Photos are from April 4th & 5th, 2011)



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