Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[043] Aunt and Godmother to Khloe-bugs

(Family post: Part II)
Meet Khloe and Jeanine. Jeanine is my sister (the older of my two younger sisters) and Khloe is her daughter.
Of my three siblings, I am closest to Jeanine. Not only is she my sister but she is also my best friend and I'm glad to have someone like her in my life. She's always the first person I call when something important comes up and she would say the same for me. When she found out she was pregnant (after a phone call and urging her to take 3 more tests just to be sure, haha) she sent me a text that said "My eggo is preggo!" After it was made public, I told everyone who would listen! I was excited to finally be an aunt!

Six months ago, I was visiting my sister and her fiancé at their apartment in Texas. During my two week visit, I spent most of the first week preparing decorations and food for their baby shower. After a successful baby shower and celebrating Jeanine and Kirk's engagement, a winter storm blew in. Texas simply wasn't prepared for all that ice and we weren't prepared for the power outages. We had planned to spend that second week taking maternity and engagement photos when they were home from work. With the power coming and going, we pretty much spent our free time trying to stay warm without the constant warmth of a heater. Jeanine was only 6 months pregnant in her maternity photos but the end result was pretty great.

Three months ago, I was sitting at home waiting patiently to hear news on Jeanine and baby. I was in the middle of a phone call with my friend Jaime when I refreshed Facebook to see the first picture of Khloe. If I remember right, I screamed at Jaime as I told her my Mom had uploaded a picture. We were both ecstatic! It was tough being ~1900 miles away while my sister gave birth to her first child. But the mere fact that I was flying out that same weekend eased all my pain. April 27th, Khloe Marie was born and our family grew by 1. Later that night, I posted on my sister's Facebook:
My best friend. My little sister. It seems like just yesterday I was getting in trouble for cutting your long locks of hair... comforting you when you scraped your leg after falling off your bike... styling your hair and applying your make-up for the 8th grade dance... cheering for you from the stands as you ran up and down the soccer field. You just gave birth to your first baby. Mom and Dad's first grandchild. I can't wait to see you on Saturday to lend a helping hand only a big sister can. I love you little Neaners. Rest up! It's going to be an intense ride.
Jeanine would probably roll her eyes and say "that was real dumb, Jas" if we were in the same room when she read it. But I know in her heart she truly loved what I had to say. And if she didn't, I'll just wrestle her to the ground until she admits she enjoyed it! I mean, come on! We are siblings after all. Right?!



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