Saturday, August 20, 2011

[066] Apartment Tour: Part II - The Kitchen

My kitchen is white and I don't like it. At all. In the Chase/Young household we consume a lot of coffee and crystal light, and our counters hate us for it. Nothing a little bleach can't handle, but I'd rather have nice stained wood cabinets. Maybe in our next place. :]

As you can see we have mismatched accent rugs. The blue one matches the green rug in our bathroom and I'm completely working with what we have. :D Above the cabinets, we store our extra baking pans and a few other kitchen gadgets.
View from dining room.
To the left, we have what was originally a blank wall with just an intercom. Instead of keeping my seasonal decor (Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day) in boxes, I keep my oven mitts on display all year round. I love my bat shaped potholders.
View from dining room.
That painting on the back wall is a self-portrait I painted in ~2007.
View from front door.

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