Friday, August 5, 2011

[047] Extreme Couponing on a less extreme level

Coupon holder by Paula Deen y'all!

Working in retail I hear comments on TLC's Extreme Couponing more than I'd like to. Don't get me wrong, I like the show! A guest will walk up, pull out a Ziploc bag of coupons and say (without fail) "I'm like one of those extreme couponers!" I smile and laugh. *giggle giggle* Sometimes adding "Oh that's such a good show." Then they'll proceed to hand me a store coupon, manufacturer's coupon, and sometimes a vendor check. You can't really go extreme at my store.

Who loves coupons? I do! Saving as little as 10¢ is still saving! Then my Dad chimes in "Just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to buy it." Thanks, Dad. *grumble grumble* Ahem. Anyway. Growing up in Guam (at Andersen Air Force Base) I remember my Mom carrying this little accordion coupon holder on our trips to the commissary. The shelves always had a booklet of coupons hanging next to the item's price tag. I would often grab 3 or 4 extra coupons to have for future trips.

For my birthday (back in April) I bought a Canon Pixma MG5220 printer with some birthday gift cards. Originally I had only planned on using this to scan photographs, art work, and documents. Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of coupons. For me, printing coupons is easier than collecting inserts.

If you're not familiar with online coupons, there are a few different ways to go about finding them.

Inserts: Newspapers, magazines, store ads and sales papers. Scissors are an insert's best friend!

Blogs: You can subscribe/follow blogs that aim to help others in learning how to coupon. I recently stumbled upon Coupon Keri. She's a stay at home mom, married with two children who loves to shop. She loves finding a good deal, sharing those deals with others and teaching. You can find her on Facebook too!

Websites: Finding coupon websites is fairly easy. (Thanks Google!)

These are just a few of the websites I use to find deals that work for me. Another method is to go straight to the brand's website. A lot of brand's offer coupons on their products, you just have to be willing to look for them! For me, being able to save money on the name brand products I love is a major plus. My main focus has been on vegetarian food products. In my recent search to find cereal deals I stumbled upon a coupon offer by Kellogg's (after finding a Morningstar Farms offer I seem to be blogging about it a bit too late).  They partnered with other brands for some sweet money saving deals. I did find some Aveeno offers! All you have to do is register on the Kellogg's website to browse and print their coupons. Harmless registration. Fun fun!

Do you have any tips on couponing? Want to share where you find your deals? Leave a comment.


  1. My mom wants to be a extreme couponer. She watches extreme couponing too! I kinda like that show also. My aunt also coupons. When I grow up I'm probably going to too!

  2. I truly is a good show. Those people are incredibly dedicated! If I could put that much effort into it, I'd go the route of extreme couponing too. I'll continue to put that effort into my blog, haha.



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