Monday, August 15, 2011

[057] Get To Know Me: A to Z

A few of the blogs I follow featured their own A-Z. I figured why not do my own. Complete with pictures! It was fun finding a photo to go with each answer, although time consuming.

A. age : Twenty-five

B. bed size : Queen

C. chore that you hate : Bathroom, soap scum is the enemy

D. dogs : Allergic

E. essential start to your day : Glass of crystal light or coffee

F. favorite color : Greens

G. gold or silver : (White) gold

H. height : Five-three, five-four on a good day

I. instruments you play : Very limited guitar

J. job title : "Team Member"

K. kids : Someday :] Just nieces and nephews for now

L. live : Massachusetts

M. maiden name : Young

N. nicknames : Jas (Jaz/Jazz), Jazzy J (Jazzy Jaz), Min (MinMin), Jasmo, Insik

O. overnight hospital stays : My parents tell me I stayed in the hospital as a child for infantigo. I have zero memory of this.

P. pet peeve : Inconsiderate neighbors. People who pass on the right (while speeding). Poor behaved customers. Trashy behaviour/clothes. Most importantly, when my sister "pacmans" my bagel.

Q. quote : "The best zoom lens is your own two feet."

R. righty or lefty : Righty

S. siblings : Kenneth Ray, Jeanine Anne, Krystal Ashley

T. time you wake up : 8am - 10am

U. university attended : Zero college experience

V. vegetables you dislike: Water chestnut

W. what makes you run late : Hair and make-up.

X. x-rays you’ve had : Ankle, knee, and teeth.

Y. yummy food : Potato everything, salads of all sorts, mango and coconut

Z. zoo animal : Owls, bats, and zebras

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